Sunday, May 31, 2009

Want a Laptop

My husband and I have been discussing whether it's viable for us to get a new laptop for myself soon. Well actually, we both know that money has been tight these days. With the increasing cost of basic commodities plus the seasonal big expense that come with the start of the school year (yes, we are literally sending 2 boys to school this June), it is really kind of hard to make extraordinary financial cash-outs at this time of the year.

However, we stumbled into a really good deal at the mall last weekend. That is what is really urging us to get this new laptop. It's a great deal because of the big discount. However, the offer is for a limited time only so we need to decide as soon as possible whether to get it or not. My husband knows that this kind of deal won't come around again anytime soon so, we really want to take advantage of it and buy the laptop now. An option for us would be to get instant payday loans to bridge our finances at this time of need (or you can say, want). The loan can pay for the laptop now while we wait for our next payday to pay for it. It's really easy and convenient. At the same time, the terms are not that bad.

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