Tuesday, June 26, 2012

House Renovation?

Our house is almost 7 years old now and lately, hubby and I have been contemplating on having a renovation to construct a new room for Luigi. He has been growing up so fast and in no time, he might already need to have his own room in the house for he is turning 3 soon and would be big enough then to sleep in his own bed. And of course, another bed, couldn't fit anymore in our bedroom!

There is actually a space intended for another room upstairs but the problem is, all the hollow space has been temporarily closed off until that big renovation (and money) comes along. Anyway, hopefully, if the good Lord will provide, we can start to construct before the year ends. 

And so, to prepare for it, I've actually already started to look for good eco-friendly contractors that are able to do the renovation using green technology. We would want to utilize materials that won't hurt the environment and would last a long time. For example, there is a construction firm in Calgary whose house designs and materials are nature-friendly and at the same time practical. I'll go for that kind of construction company anytime, if you ask me. They also can help you look for the right financing to kick off your house renovation. What can you say about that? Wish they do construction jobs in my area!

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