Monday, November 12, 2012

Goodies from US

My newly-wedded friend Cristy recently got back from USA for her honeymoon and she sent us wonderful stuff from her trip. There are chocolates, candies and even accessories for Zoe and myself! I love it. 

On the side, did you know that during her wedding, they opted to receive cash gifts from their guests in order for them to pay for a month-long vacation to the US. They know that to travel is not cheap at all. And since they would want to save their money for a vacation than get material things, they consulted a loan adviser to get them on the right track. They also needed to get more information so they checked out the web for helpful links. Are you interested to know the same thing? You may click here for more info. If you were to ask me, I need all the advise I can get when it comes to applying for loans. My credit score need to improve as the months go by (and my husband would agree). Anyway, I am claiming that we are RICH and the whole universe will align to this. Hahahaha! Besides, my dear "St. Nicholas" is coming to town soon! He will be sending loads and loads of gifts for me and my whole family. 

Speaking of gifts, here are some pictures of the US-loots we were gifted by Cris.

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