Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Home Improvements?

My house has been pending some improvements and renovations. It's already a 7-year old house and would really appreciate some repairs and improvement jobs. 

I actually have a long list of to-do's for the house. Some are major, some minor. For the major ones, I still need to plan on how to save up for those but for the small repairs and improvements, I'm targeting to have all of it done by quarter 1 of year 2013.

1. House repainting - I'm looking at nice color palettes that would match our red roof. The current color of our house are in shades of mocha and white. I would really love to have something in yellow or beige next time. We actually had looked around and window-shopped for paint. But lo and behold! Found out that the prices are not that cheap! Hahaha! And so, I think I'll have to put this under major improvement. :-) Maybe it can be done by summer of next year. 

2. Install a Cast Iron Shallow Well Jet Pump - Water has been quite a issue in the house especially when you have a second floor and attic. On some days, when all of the bathrooms are all occupied and in use, the water pressure becomes so low that water cannot go up to the bathroom in the second floor and attic. It's such a hassle. Also, I would need a new submersible pump for our mini-pond. The pump for the fountain also broke down and we hadn't had the luxury of hearing the soothing and lovely sound of falling water since then.

Good thing, there are nice jet pumps available in the market. I will check it out when my 13th month pay comes. :-)

3. Buy a new ceramic plate of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary for our gate. Our old one fell off and broke a few months ago and I never had a chance to replace it with a new one. If only I can make a trip to downtown Manila again and buy from there again. I will also take that chance to buy a statue of the new Philippine saint, St. Pedro Calungsod. Target date to buy: next week.

4. New curtains - Our curtains being used now are as old as the house. Hence, it's high time to buy new ones. A lovely set of satin blue-colored curtains will be great!

Well, I'll end my list for now. I know that there are still quite a lot to be done. I will just rely on St. Nicholas to finish off the rest of my "requests". :-)

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