Monday, August 4, 2008

Clothes-Handling Plan

Whhaaa! This is the current state of my closet (hides face). My bad! I really got to clean this up. My husband's space is much much organized so I should be ashamed. Plus look~ my cabinet rod is close to falling off!

Here's the master plan:

1. Weed non-clothing out of closet.
2. Weed out old and underused clothes.
3. Distribute off-season wear and outerwear to appropriate places.
4. Execute spruce-up projects.
5. Distribute clothes into drawers or closets.
6. Organize drawers by access.
7. Organize hanging clothes by clothing types.
8. Add new closet space if necessary.
9. Organize accessories.
10. Cull clothes twice a year at the change of seasons.

2 shared their thoughts:

Pat said...

hi vina, that's why you should join the garage sale para ma-clear out na ang closet mo ; )

Vina said...

hi pat, you're right! actually, i'm planning to do an ukay-ukay sale in our village together with a friend, hindi pa lang finalized. sana matuloy. is your garage sale this sat na?

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