Monday, August 4, 2008

Happily Ever After or Not?

I just finished talking to a good friend who is in need of Marriage Family Counseling. She got married the same year as I did and now, sad to say, she and her husband are having problems but she is still hoping and praying that all will be resolved. That is why is was asking me to refer to her a Marriage Counselor to whom they can both go to seek advice.

Before getting married, you need to keep both eyes open and then after getting married, both eyes closed. I think this is one of the many secrets on How to Save your Marriage. You have to know the person you are about to marry very well. You need to assess if the character of this person gets along with your character and that it passes your standards of how a good husband or wife should be. Remember, you can not any more change the other person. Once you are married, you are married forever. All you have to do is to accept the person as he or she is. That person is already your better-half. You need to be understanding and learn to love the person unconditionally. Until you learn to do so, then you may not live happily ever after.

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