Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Laundry Tips

To be totally honest, I never liked washing clothes much less ironing them. But here are some tips on doing the laundry and I hope it helps!

1. Separate colors and whites into different laundry loads.
2. Separate chlorine-bleachable light and white clothes from those that cannot be bleached if you intend to add chlorine bleach to the wash.
3. Most wash loads do quite well in cold or warm water but heavy soils on cottons respond better to a hot-water wash.
4. Separate very dirty clothes that should be pre-soaked or washed in hot water from lightly soiled or temperature sensitive items.
5. Separate sweatshirts, new towels and products made from chenille yarn which tend to generate lint from permanent press clothes and corduroys which attract lint.
6. As you sort wash loads, remember to empty pockets and close zippers to prevent snagging.
7. To keep socks from getting lost, place them at the bottom of the washing machine tub or wash them in a mesh bag.
8. Do not overload your dryer. Better yet, air-dry to conserve on electricity costs.

(adapted from "How To Clean Practically Anything" book).

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