Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting Ready to Move

Today, Monday, is a holiday. After going to early morning mass with hubby and Zoe, my uncle gave us a surprise visit and invited us to join them to visit my other cousin who is preparing to leave for the U.S. this September. He told us that my cousin if sort of getting rid of some stuff from their house, like some plastic wares, garden decor and curtain rods, and we may probably be interested to buy some of it. And so we agreed and headed off in no time to my cousin's house with my daughter Zoe in tow.

When we got there, we found the house looking half-empty. Many of the usual stuff which we were familiar with were already put away and placed in boxes. My cousin has been packing most of their stuff and getting ready to move already. She is leaving soon and wants to make sure that the stuff which will not be so useful be either sold or given away. But the house still looks good even if nobody lives there anymore. It still has those doors and windows decorated with wrought iron and beautiful marbled floors.

Anyway, going back to the things that were being put away, the first thing I fancied were their window blinds and curtain rods. You see, I've been considering getting something similar for our family room. I want to convert that whole room into a playroom for Zoe with work table for myself. That room has a three paneled window which needs some window treatment. Actually, those windows are the main highlight of the room since the other side of the room is an open area overlooking the living room. But I guess those curtain rods and window blinds of my aunt won't fit our family room since there were custom-made for their windows. The good thing is at least I got an idea on what to do with our family room windows. I'll just browse through for more ideas and products.

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