Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Isn't It Amazing...

Isn't it amazing how quickly things can be done if we make up our mind to do them? I discovered that the 15 minute slots take care of several things in a row. If anybody had told me when I started to really deep clean our house what could be done in 5 minutes, I would have thought they were daffy.

Many times, we let things get bigger in our mind than they really are. We think, Oh, I can't start on that now. It'd take too long. And then when we get to it, we find it wasn't the monster we thought. It has made keeping the house in order and organized so much easier. I'd have never started if I hadn't have tried the timer. After that it was so easy just to keep going.

Now, some deep down hard cleaning jobs do take longer. We all know that. Like washing down the walls or shampooing the carpet, big jobs take longer but we know that, so we schedule them for when we know we will have the time to finish once we start.

Having the 15-minute limit way has kept many people on the road to recovery.

(Adapted from Smart Organizing by Sandro Felton)

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