Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Missing the Pool

Hunny and I were talking the other day about going out of town for the weekend. A few years back, we wouldn't have to think twice about it because almost automatically we would be heading straight to my sister-in-law's nice farm house in Batangas. Their two-storey house there includes a nice shaded swimming pool with the view of fascinating Taal Lake. We've had great times there just spending time with the rest of the family, enjoying the water and eating the fresh catch from the nearby lake. Not only do we get to spend quality time with family, we also get to relax and unwind too. However, since our brother-in-law passed away suddenly two years ago, the family had to give up the house and transfer back to the city. It would be impractical for them to be staying in a nice big house when there's only my sister-in-law and niece living there. It's such a sad thing. Now, nobody lives in that house anymore which means that we can't go there any time we wish to. In fact, the whole property is already up for sale. They just need to maintain the swimming pool and get a regular Pool Cleaning service for it to be still saleable in the market.

This got us thinking that when we do get to save a lot in the future, we would buy ourselves a similar type of vacation house so that any time we want to relax and unwind, we would have our own private house with a pool in the countryside.

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