Tuesday, August 26, 2008

LVs and My Husband

On the way home last night, I was conversing with my husband about the series of mails in n@w about LVs. I told him that the thread on LVs never seems to end and just won't die. He said, "Di nga ba, ang tagal-tagal na nilang pinag-uusapan na hindi pa patay si LVs (ELVIS). Everywhere in the world, not only in Graceland, there are still people who say that he is still alive." HAHAHAHA!

I love my husband! :-P

P.S. Hey, it's not as if my hubby is eng-eng or clue-less about LVs. He's just trying to be funny. On the side, I think he's intentionally trying to change the topic also to avoid being 'trapped' into buying me one. Haha. Don't worry hun, I'm okay with what I have now. :-)

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Pat said...

grabe ano? hindi pa rin matapos ang discussion on the LVs.

Dyes said...

haaay, bat kaya talaga iniiba ng mga hubbies ang usapan pag LV bags na ang topic?

sumali ka ba dun sa LV raffle?

Vina said...

hi pat and dyes! i passed by the LV store yesterday. left the store less interested and unscathed. :-)i thought, if my boss who is a multi-billionaire doesn't even sport an LV, then bakit ako bibili? (rationalization!) hehehe. i guess there is still some virtue in being simple. :-)

dyes, did you join? meeh, probably not.

Dyes said...

good for you! (if that's what you really want) :)

di ako sumali. sayang lang kasi i dont take good care of my bags-- pinapatong ko lang kung saan-saan :) i'll probably aim to have the bag when (and if) i'd have a daughter. i find it endearing when daughters would borrow some of their mom's things, whether with permission or none. hehehe

btw, added you on my blogroll sa My Stories :)

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