Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Money-Related Tips

During hard times like these days, even middle class families are sometimes having problems managing their finances and keeping up to date with their regular bills and payables. There will always be rising college tuition fees, gasoline prices, amortization costs and many other expenses in the future. Even with a regular job, it still is a matter of good money management (and organizations skills too) to be able to hurdle all these challenges in life.

Here are some financial-related and organization tips that I can share with you:

1. Keep all financial-related papers (budget, bills, current living expenses, bank statements, credit card information, savings and debt, insurance, etc.) on the top drawer so that it's easy to get.

2. On check balancing, try to do it the day the checks come in so that it takes a few minutes and you don't have to sweat on checks. Better yet, maximize the potential of your online banking facility to monitor your current accounts.

3. Make sure you properly file all papers regarding big purchases, warranties, instructional manuals to help you avoid paying for unnecessary costs of repairs.

4. If you are someone who is in urgent need of fast cash for emergency or unexpected situations, then I suggest you can easily apply online for a Payday Advance. Rather than walking in to just any money lender just around the corner, wait for long lines and pay exorbitant interest rates, I guess this is your better option. The loan facility is quite easy to acquire. You can apply from any where you are, be it your home or in the office. It offers State Licensed Cash Advances.

5. If you are the traditional type, you can start a budget notebook where you can list down every single purchase you make for the day. Then towards the end of the week, you will realize the things you had used your money for and then make resolutions to improve your expense attitude.

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