Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekly Round-up

Here's my week's round-up for my house-related projects:

1. Weeded out old clothes, shoes and bags for my rummage sale next week.
2. Checked out ref inventory for the menu next week -- still have enough supplies!
3. Cooked chicken and mushroom spaghetti (with the help of Ate Nilda).
4. Bought 3 magazines for some updates on housekeeping.
5. Pulled out my Filipino recipe book and housekeeping management book from the bodega (will read it again and I hope it helps!)
6. Changed Zoe's crib mattresses.
7. Bought some household supplies from SM Hypermart.
8. Pulled out some plastic wrap supplies from the storage - I plan to wrap my new books with plastic soon!
9. Bought a book about having your 2nd pregnancy (wow, only in preparation lang naman).
10. Arranged the pantry (found out the we still have 2 months supply of coffee and creamer!!!)

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