Sunday, August 10, 2008

Random Conversations

I was riding the car the other night with my husband and we were shuffling and playing songs from his new iPod Video (it was so enjoyable!). Anyway, since the trip back home was quite a long one with the traffic and all, we just talked a lot and sang to the music.

Among other things, we discussed some trivia related to his iPod playlist. Oh boy, my husband knows a lot of trivia and I'm quite impressed. He knows different stories about the singers and the songs. For example, we talked about the many famous artists and songwriters who had experienced Drug Treatment at least once in their lifetime. Lately in the news, there had been many talks about Amy Winehouse getting entering a Drug Rehab Center before and then recently getting sick. And then since the song from the OST of Music and Lyrics came playing, my husband pointed out to me too that even the stars of that movie namely Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant were also in the celebrity headlines before regarding their going into Drug Rehab. Even our favorite James Taylor and the Beatles allegedly had their own battles with drugs in their younger days. And so, I thought to myself, would the masters of classical music be drug-addicted too if there were to live a hundred years after their time? I hope not. :-)

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