Sunday, May 10, 2009

Date with Girlfriends

I am going to meet with my two good friends tomorrow and I'm quite excited. We'll be having lunch together in Serendra to sort of celebrate my birthday in advance. I am so looking forward to their stories about what is happening to them these days. You see, lately, we've been out of touch because of the demands of work and family. Both of them are still single. While one of them is available (and looking!), the other one is already seriously dating this Christian guy who is a friend of one of our friends. I think that the latter is even planning for their wedding soon. I'm very happy for them because at least among the many people that you can meet, they really hit it off very well and are so happy together. I wish the same to happen to my other friend of course.

Anyway, I heard that those single people who are looking for a partner in life and to spend their lives with someone who share the same faith as they do should sign up in the christian singles chat. This is a place for Christian girls and guys to meet. As Christian men and women, they can bravely share their faith with one another.

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