Monday, May 11, 2009

Helper on Vacation

I'm just realizing it all the more now ~~~

How difficult it is not to have an all-around helper at home. I swear, I've been more panicky now than ever since our helper left to go on a vacation today. She'll be gone for about a week or so and I'm worried about how I will manage the household without an assistant.

My problem would be our daily meals. It's been such a convenience that someone at home wakes up earlier than everybody else in order to cook breakfast. So now, I think I'll have to do it myself. Next is the preparation of the other meals. Being a working mother, I haven't really been cooking a lot in the house. In fact, I've mostly relied on the helper to do the cooking. What I do is the grocery shopping and that's it. Besides, being pregnant and very busy at work, I almost have a valid excuse not to dab in cooking. I'm really just too tired when I get home. After all, my workplace is a good 1 hour and 1/2 from home. Traffic just drains most of my energy really.

Anyway, I promised myself that I'll be more organized especially this week that the helper's gone. I've already come up with a menu for the week and an updated market list to boot. I just hope my cooking abilities are still intact. :-)

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