Monday, May 11, 2009


I had just a call from an insurance agent asking me if she can set a meeting so she can discuss with me her new proposals and quotes for a life insurance for me and my up and coming baby. Actually, she is my husband's insurance agent. I still have to decide whether to get a new insurance policy from her. It's because I've mostly put all my investments with one company. However, with the many news about stocks and investments, I became kind of scared of 'putting all my eggs in one basket', as they say. That's the reason why I've agreed to hear her proposal. On top of that, I will also do my own research via online insurance quotes.

I think that insurance is very important. Especially for someone like me who is a wife and mother, I need to feel secure for my family's future. That is why I'm invested my money on educational plans for the kids and term life insurance for me and my husband. But being an employee of a financial institution myself, I know that we have to get the best rates and the best quotes available to make the most out of our money. The data, after all, are very available. There are sites like where you can find all the term insurance quotes that you need. All you have to do is do a comparison and then make a decision.

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