Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do I Need a Career Change?

Do I need a career change? That's the big question that crossed my mind last night on my way home. I was then walking towards the terminal where I could get a ride home (my husband had a basketball game with his officemates so I had to commute) and I felt so tired and confused. Really, at that point, I just wanted to cry. I actually was supposed to go somewhere important after work. It was my circle and confession day that day but I missed going because I had to stay in the office to assist my boss with a pending project. Tough luck!

Maybe it was the pressure, the tiredness and the fact that I am pregnant that made me think of really resigning soon. I just couldn't stop thinking that I deserve a better position and better benefits with my experience, education and capabilities. I also thought that I deserve a better boss. Hahaha. Maybe all of that is true, maybe not. So when I woke up this morning, things looked a little bit brighter even if things remain to be the same.

Anyway, I am thinking of developing more skills by taking up Database Development and studying new applications which I can make use of at work like Filemaker Pro. Then maybe if I become more adept and more knowledgeable of it, I can apply in another company that offers
Database Services. What do you think? Is this wishful thinking or what?

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