Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gingersnaps Sale

I think I mentioned before that we went to the Gingersnaps Warehouse Sale last Saturday and was able to score several preggy tops, a pair of slacks and a skirt for myself. I badly need preggy clothes that are fit to wear at the office. I find the prices of the stuff in the department stores and the other maternity shops exorbitant so I really made the effort to go to Pasig to see if I can find some decent clothes at discounted prices.

Apart from my own preggy clothes, we also got to buy some t-shirts and pants for Zoe. I only shelved around Php 1,300 for all that. Not bad, huh? The problem lang with this sale is that the place is sooooo hot! As in. I was sweating so much that I had to cut short our "paghahalukay". And well...there are no decent baby boy clothes. If not for those two things, I would still probably return next weekend to buy some more.

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