Friday, May 22, 2009

Get Down to Business

My friend's sister just returned to the corporate world last month. She used to work as a lawyer in a big law firm, specializing in litigation and immigration. As good a lawyer that she is (she's actually a bar topnotch), she worked so very hard at her cases and delivered thoroughly what the company expected from her. I think she worked too hard too that after a few years of doing that, she felt just burnt-out. That is the reason she decided to resign and rest for the while.

After regaining her drive to work again, she gladly accept the offer of a relatively smaller law firm. Good thing that this company is very much interested in getting down to business, that is, focus on the practice of law and then take care of the other secondary things through outsourcing. They discovered the benefits of E-billing which helps them save time and money. They also use Matter Management to manage company issues and legal matters properly. Then there is an automation software Litigation Hold to help them have due compliance to all government and legal requirements and the like.

With the help of all of these software applications, I hope my friend's sister find her new company as a better place to work in where she will be less burnt out, less stressed, be more gratified and more fulfilled.

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