Friday, May 22, 2009

Tasks for The Weekend

As the workweek ends today, I want to list down the things that I plan to do this weekend and hope it'll be a very productive one. We originally had planned to go with my friend and her family to a trip to Zambales for the weekend but had to beg off.


1. Go to early mass at 6 am to have enough time to prepare Zoe for her class. We are perrenially late for school because of the traffic along P. Tuazon so I'm hoping we can leave earlier than usual tomorrow.

2. Install the hooks for Zoe's picture frames in the attic. I plan to hang 4 new frames on one side of the wall. I've reserved the other side for the new baby's pictures.

3. Be updated in my cultural reading ~~ I haven't done this for ages.

4. Cook something special ~ sort of to celebrate, in our own way, my Dad and sister's birthday.

5. Go visit the nearby ukay-ukay store and see if there's anything worthwhile there (I'm sure there'll be).


1. Attend a baptismal party of my friend Lucy's first-born.

2. Bring Zoe somewhere nice like Fun Ranch or the mall.

3. Take a nap. Hahaha.

4. Clean up our closets.

5. Find more of my pregnancy clothes from my old room.

I guess, that'll be enough. Have a happy weekend everyone!

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