Thursday, May 7, 2009

Going Home to Chicago

My aunt and cousin are leaving tomorrow to go back to their home in Chicago. To celebrate their last few days here, we actually had dinner in their place last night. My husband and I arrived in their house at around ten o'clock already and we were both starving. Good thing there was bountiful food served for dinner. I definitely enjoyed every bite of my dinner.

After dinner, while the boys started drinking in the garage, the girls were gathered around the table talking about anything under the sun. My aunt even mentioned on how she is managing their home in Chicago. She told us that ever since she went to live there, she has not been ironing clothes anymore. I think it's because the wash and dryer that they use is heavy-duty and the clothes do not get so crumpled from all that washing. She never had problems with the plumbing either since there is always a good Chicago Plumbing company which she can call anytime to fix their plumbing problems. Without a man in their house, I think they are quite lucky that they can call a reliable plumber in the area. It's not the same case here where you have to plead for a plumber to come to your house or if they do come, you'll have to pay so much to get a drainage unclogged or a faucet repaired.

Anyway, we bade goodbye to them at around past 12 midnight. It's hard to see them go back to the US because I know that I'll miss them so much.

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