Thursday, May 7, 2009

Home Management Issues

Being a working mother, I am sometimes guilty of not being in touch with my pantry and food stocks in the refrigerator. I do try to stock up really well that's why I go to the supermarket weekly. Problem is, someone else cooks for the family (our helper) and I don't really get to monitor which food ingridient or condiment or food aid is running out. What I find more irritating is that even if I buy in bulk, the supplies almost always fall short before the next grocery trip.

Here's what I'd like to change in my household:

1. Buying food that later on goes to the trash because it wasn't consumed on time.
2. Being the one reminded by the helper to buy this and this only to find out that there is still enough of it till the following week (she always tends to exaggerate that we are out of this and that).
3. Letting the helper buy in 'tingi' from the sari-sari store and paying double the price when it could all be avoided.
4. Being asked for money for some simple ingredients like salt and some cooking oil when you just about to hop in the car rushing to go to work.
5. Being told that the necessary things like rice or LPG has run out when it's already too late to go the grocery or to order from the supplier (read: at almost midnight).

Oh my, there are still so many things to do to train our helper. That's is why during times like these, I really wish that I'm just a stay at home housewife who is top of her household.

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