Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hitting the 6th Month Mark

My pregnancy is officially on its 24th week today. I really look so pregnant now. Hahaha! However, unlike my first pregnancy when my feet and hands were really sore and my tummy was so wide, my extremities I think are not as bloated now and my tummy is more pointy than how it looked like before.

I think I gained a little bit more than expected this month so I resolved to watch my diet more. Besides, I'm due to take the test for gestational diabetes on my next doctor's visit so I am "trying" to discipline myself to keep away from too much sugar (less cakes, chocolates, coke, candy...wow, how come all those start with the letter c?!).

Anyway, I've also been preparing for baby boy's coming by buying, little by little, some newborn clothes and baby boy stuff. I was in Rustan's Makati yesterday and I was just drooling at the nice baby boy bodysuits that they have at Debenhams. I also saw a nice girly bed which we could get for Zoe. You see, part of the preparation for the coming of the baby boy is also to prepare Zoe to be a good big sister. This means that, sooner or later, she has to learn to sleep in her own bed and in her own room.

Talking about Zoe's own room, well, I think we need to decide as soon as possible when to have the remodeling done at home. I still remember when we had a remodeling project when I was pregnant with Zoe. Because of the dust and dirt from the construction, I developed severe skin allergy. It was so very itchy! Maybe it was also the fault of the contractor. They were not very keen in keeping the construction area clean after a day's work. I have a friend from Kansas and she was telling me that the Wichita Remodeling contractor whom she got never gave her any headaches. Everything in their home renovation project went very smoothly and the output was beyond their expectations. They were able to get in touch with that contractor through the internet and they were immediately contacted via telephone and email. I've actually browsed through the website and just wish there was someone here that could offer me the same level of service.

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