Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Peace, Simplicity, Time

I love, love Beth Dargis' weekly simplicity tips this week. There seems to be something in my life right now that doesn't seem to be functioning well. My heart is somewhat feeling all gumbled up and I have been aching to have more time for some peace and quiet to be able to settle my issues with God but can't seem to have the time!!!

Lord, please give me peace, simplicity, time. :-)

Sharing with you the tips here:

1. Don't take over what is someone else's responsibility.
2. Forgive yourself for a recent mistake.
3. Remember - things CAN be different.
4. Cook simpler meals.
5. Watch your reaction to every day obstacles. Are they out of proportion to the problem?
6. Hone your morning routine - what isn't working?
7. Connect with someone today.

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