Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Secret Plan

My friends and I are planning on a post-summer outing this first week of June. It will be like a post-birthday celebration of the husband of our friend and my husband's birthday celebration as well. You see, our friend's family owns a resort somewhere in the mountains down east and they've offered their place as the venue for our outing.

Incidentally, our other friend's boyfriend is also planning to make use of this occasion to make a formal wedding proposal to our friend. When I heard about it, I got so excited! This guy is asking us for creative ideas on how to surprise our friend with a romantic proposal. So we're thinking, maybe a candlelight dinner beside the pool with a string quartet playing alongside them, a big sign or tarpaulin where the big question is written and a lovely engagement ring.

I still remember the movie "Pretty Woman" wherein Richard Gere went to Julia Robert's apartment in a limousine while holding a beautiful red rose. Maybe that's a good idea too. And oh, if you're the Boston area or in the surrounding areas and are planning to make an unforgettable wedding proposal, I suggest you get a Boston Limousine Service and go ala-Richard Gere. Boston Limousines are readily available for rent. You can also hire a Boston Limousine for your prom or wedding car needs. With it, I'm pretty sure you'll make a big impact!

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